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 Did Ya'll see this

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PostSubject: Did Ya'll see this   Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:21 pm


Attention: Coaches, Athletic Directors, and Friends of Athletics


Important Information That Needs Your Immediate Attention

Thanks to the efforts of Craig Agnew, an assistant coach at Brenham High School, the State

Board of Education (S.B.O.E.) has initially approved a petition to allow Texas High School

students to apply up to FOUR (instead of the maximum two) Credits towards graduation by

taking athletic-related courses.

Coach Agnew said that the problem became clear to him last year as he was helping his

eighth-grade son determine what would be needed to complete the Distinguished Graduation

Plan in high school. Craig added that his son’s problem is further exacerbated by the nature of

the block scheduling system used in his district’s high school, which schedules two back-to-back

block schedule class periods per subject. This leaves little time for courses that do not provide

graduation credits.

Coach Agnew presented his petition at the March S.B.O.E. meeting. Against the

Commissioner of Education’s recommendation, the petition was initially approved 13-2. It is now

to be reviewed by the T.E.A. (Texas Education Agency) and will once again be brought before

the S.B.O.E. at their meeting on May 22nd and 23rd. This will be the third of five steps in the

process. I don’t believe this critical petition will go any further unless our coaches spread the

word regarding the unfair situation Athletics is in that NO OTHER elective experiences. That is

why we need to jump on board with this petition and encourage people to call, write, or email

their S.B.O.E. representatives and their legislators. (There is a list of S.B.O.E. Representatives

enclosed or you may visit http://www.tea.state.tx.us/sboe/members.html )

The following is a list of important points regarding the new 4x4 requirements as it pertains to


• Compared with the other electives, high school Athletics is the only elective that receives

just two credits for four years of participation. All other electives including Band, Dance,

and JROTC, receive four credits for four years.

• Athletes do not receive elective credit for their junior and senior years in Athletics.

• If a freshman has a goal to graduate on the Distinguished Plan and participates in

Athletics, he will have problems. He does not have enough room in his schedule to be in

Athletics for all four years of high school and take dual credit classes during his junior and

senior years. Why does this generate a problem? Not receiving credit for Athletics in his

junior and senior years will prohibit him from having enough credits to graduate. Athletics

is the only non-credit elective for four years of participation. Prior to the new 4x4, enough

room existed in an athlete’s schedule to participate in Athletics all four years and only

receive two credits. Now, the extra room is gone.

• With the new 4x4 requirements, which require 26 credits to graduate starting with the

graduating class of 2011, students who participate in Athletics but only receive two

credits will be placed in a different situation that none of the other students will face. For

example, four years of participation in Athletics equals two credits, but Band, JROTC, and

even Dance, four years equals four credits.

• Band can receive 1 - 4 credits in all three graduation programs, (two Physical Education

credits and two Fine Arts credits); JROTC can receive 1 - 4 credits in all three graduation

programs; Dance I-IV can receive up to two Physical Education credits and two Fine Arts

credits, for a total of four credits. These are all state credits not local credits.

• The two groups of athletes who will be most adversely affected if the current system is

not changed will be the Upper Level students who have to manipulate their schedules to

take dual-credit classes and the At-Risk students who sometimes have to retake classes

because of failing grades.

• The current system of only awarding two Physical Education credits for four years of

participation in Athletics is not fair and equitable, especially when compared with the

other electives. All electives are very important to the educational process, but the current

system is punitive to only one group (Athletics) in our school setting.

Interscholastic sports are an integral part of the educational process. Sound athletic

programs can provide valuable lessons for practical situations. The daily influential power of a

positive athletic program and coach can be life changing for many of our young people. Studentathletes

experience daily victories, discovering within themselves the ability to overcome

adversity, develop leadership skills, develop winning attitudes, be hard workers and be a part of

a team which requires sacrifice and service to others. These things are the direct result of a

quality athletic program and the value of coaching kids every day. . . helping them make strong

choices and develop strong habits.

Athletics can significantly impact the lives of the students who stay in the program for four

years. A quality athletic program has the power to combat everything from racism, to low selfesteem,

to the high drop-out rate.

In an age of rampant teen pregnancy, high drop-out rates, and extreme apathy, it should not

matter to us why students come to school and work to succeed academically, as long as they

are coming to school and working. Athletics is often the driving force that keeps many of our At-

Risk students in school.

All electives are very important to the educational process, but the current system is punitive

to only one group (Athletics) in our school setting. It is not right and needs to be changed.

Thank you for you help and attention to this matter!

D.W. Rutledge

Executive Director

Texas High School Coaches Association
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PostSubject: Re: Did Ya'll see this   Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:33 am

Sounds like he has a great point.
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PostSubject: Re: Did Ya'll see this   Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: Did Ya'll see this   Fri Apr 11, 2008 3:41 pm

It's about time!!
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PostSubject: Re: Did Ya'll see this   

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Did Ya'll see this
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